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Seminar Offerings

Building and Plot Drainage

Well-founded specialist knowledge of protection against backwater and flooding - for planners, architects and employees of wholesale and craft businesses.


Challenges of the future in wastewater technology - Opportunity to dialogue with colleagues and representatives Research and Technology.

Communal Wastewater Technology

Practice-oriented communication of complex relationships of pump systems in public areas - for planners as well as employees of municipalities and special purpose associations.

Bonus Seminars

Strategic knowledge for craft businesses, such as B. customer-oriented marketing, employee motivation, interaction with finances as well as the right legal protection.

Cooperation Seminars

Market-relevant topics are discussed together with our specialized cooperation partners holistically discussed.

Leakage and Functional Testing

Certified professional knowledge of the functional control of underground sewer pipes - for planners, craft businesses and decision-makers according to SüVO Dev NRW.

Online Seminars

Use the opportunity for online training. Our A competent team of speakers offers you a wide range of different topics, including in Cooperation with our industrial partners.

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2022 Seminar Calendar

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Our Training Centers


Jung Pumpen has a place of communication and information in Steinhagen. On the one hand, Forum offers us the opportunity to continue the permanent dialogue with our partners and customers - a mutual exchange that has been part of the company's tradition since our foundation.

On the other hand, we can do this at the highest level. Because the future-oriented equipment of the Forum enables presentations of the most different kind. The direct access to the production in Steinhagen also allows the "view behind the scenes" of the production. Here the quality idea of ​​a Jung pump becomes visible and can be experienced by the visitor.

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Our training center South is coupled with our customer service center, located in Griesheim, in close proximity to the Main metropolis Frankfurt. "Knowing in a nutshell", this slogan meets what Jung Pumpen conveys in this place: short seminars, individually tailored to the needs of our customers.

In Griesheim, we focus on short-term topics on narrowly defined topics. In addition to the specified dates, individual appointments can be arranged for both locations. The minimum number of participants in both cases is 10 people.

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External Seminars

External Seminars are also hosted in addition to our normal training center locations.

We discuss market-relevant issues that we consider holistically. From pressure drainage via networking in smart homes to elementary dangers around fire and water.

Our partners and specialist speakers are specialists in their field and therefore ideally suited to meet the quality standards of the brand manufacturer Jung Pumpen for its customers.

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Virtual Tour & Seminar Videos

Virtual Tour

Virtual tour through the Jung Pumpen Forum.

Forum Talk

Introduction to the "Forum"


Insight into our training and seminar center.

Jung Pumpen


Insight into the seminar center Griesheim.

Jung Pumpen

Our Partners

Our Partners

The right contact for every topic.

Hotel Partners

Gladly you can fall back on a favorable hotel contingent in the closer environment.

Seminar Team

Marco Koch

Head of Sales Promotion Speaker

Our Team

Phone: 05204 / 17-261

Jens Höwener


Our Team

Phone: 05204 / 17-359

Daniela Belzer

Seminar organization, in-house exhibitions and give-aways

Our Team

Phone: 05204 / 17-162

Marina Farthmann

Seminar organization, in-house exhibitions and give-aways

Our Team

Phone: 05204 / 17-202

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